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Don’t cry Japan

Mother Nature, Don’t get angry

Don’t wash my dreams away with your waves

Don’t you know my home was the only memory of my mother?

Your anger deprived me from even her photos.

Now you took all my memories

You swept away my narcissus garden

Mother pacific

My childhood memories are all beneath your dark waves

That used to be blue yesterday

Give me back

All my secrets that I hide under the sand of your beach

Mother Nature don’t get angry again

Please don’t.

You know that I can’t live without you

You know that I can’t sing without you

Did you forget all those presents that I hang on your blue hair?

The crown made out of your seashells and my dreams.

Please come back and tell me the uncompleted stories of kamikaze.

Tell me the words of my father in your shore

Didn’t he ask you to take care of me before he goes to the wars?

Do you remember my first secrete kiss?

Secretly and internally engraved it in your heart

My blue oceans

Come back let’s play like an old age

Let’s forget about our angers

And be friends again.

Because you know neither one of us can live without the other.

Japan gammbare

The sun will rise tomorrow

And we will pass this one too.

Because the blond hair of sun still combing your waves.

And spring never dies


Simko Ahmed

For the deadly wave of tsunami in Japan

12th March 2011








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